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Welcome to the new Plate11!

So who needs a Blog when we've got Instagram? I do. And I think you do to.

Social media has given me the ability to post quick updates about what's going on in the shop and see the same from other woodworkers and customers around the world. I also think Instagram has created a sense of approachability to some well known people that I never felt when reading their blogs or magazine articles. On the other hand, I miss all the great content that those same people used to put in their blogs. Getting a new post in my inbox from the likes of Peter Galbert, Greg Pennington or Jeff Lefkowitz was like receiving a subscription from an ultra-niche magazine without the fee. I enjoy following along on Instagram but I miss the extra depth that a blog post can provide. So that's what I hope to provide here; a little extra depth.

With the launch of this site comes the opening of Pre-Orders on the new Plate 11 Shavehorse Hardware Kit. In the next few weeks I'll be creating a series of posts that explain, in greater detail, the process of building the kit as well as some ways to customize the finished product. I'll also be providing updates on the process of putting the kits together and getting them ready to ship.

Once the Kit Pre-Orders are out the door I hope to settle back into the shop and get started on some new designs(Low Roubo, anyone?) and a few interesting woodworking projects that I've been hoping to start.

If you're looking for a little more about workbenches, shavehorses or anything else that's going on in my shop, please consider subscribing.

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