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(A Very Few) Shave Horse Kits in Stock

I was cleaning up the shop a little while back and found a half dozen packing tubes with Shave Horse plans already inside them. Now that I have drilled, dressed and wrapped a recent restock of Galbert Adjusters, I can put them up on the site.

These are Version One of the Shave Horse, so they don't include some small tweaks that I've been working on. The last time I built a batch for customers, I noticed a small contradiction between the instructions and the drawings. I also discovered that one of the illustrations could be a little clearer.

The only real change to the design is a modification to the rail assembly. I've been working on a design for a Bowl Horse attachment with Dave Fisher and this modification was required to allow the bowl horse to function with the full range of adjustment.

The ever generous and patient Jeff Lefkowitz has completed a revised set of drawings that includes these changes, but they're still waiting for my approval. That task is at the top of my list. As soon as I complete and ship the batch of customer Shave Horses that is making it's way through the shop.

You don't have to worry about getting stuck with a set of legacy plans. I'll be posting all the changes here. Look for those later this week.

These kits also include the extra hardware needed to build the revised design. So you'll have everything you need to build the updated horse.

You can order a kit here while they last. I'm already working on getting Version 2 ready, so if they sell out, they should be back in stock pretty soon.

I'll also be posting the Bowl Horse design as a "Pay What You Can" download. Any donations will will go directly to a pair of charitable organizations selected by Dave Fisher and Jeff Lefkowitz.

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