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Shave Horse Kit Updates

I'm nearing completion of the most recent batch of shave horses. Since the plans and parts are all fresh in my head (and I'm nearly out of stock on old kits) this is the perfect time to make some small changes to the plans. Here's what you can expect.

One Error Fixed

The Clamping Pin Tenon Diameter in the written instructions was incorrectly stated as 1/2". The drawings had it correct at 7/16".

It's been a couple years since these plans came out and no one has ever brought this to my attention. This further reinforces my theory that no-one really reads written instructions. Except me. I'm that guy who reads "all instructions before use."

One Illustration Clarified

The Pin Keeper Drawing was confusing. So we fixed it.

The original drawing had the part reversed and showed the outside face. This meant the Limiting Pin Mortise was illustrated as a dashed line.

Now the illustration shows the part as it will look when you're making it.

A Little Room For Growth

A close-up of the Center Block with the location of the new holes/counter-bores.

I've wanted to add a Bowl Horse option for a long time. I got a prototype made and approved by Dave Fisher earlier this year, but I haven't had time to get the revisions into the plans.

Adding the Bowl Horse requires the Center Block to be removeable. This part used to be glued in. So to make the addition easier, you'll need to drill a couple extra holes through the rail assembly and make a few extra counter bores.

You're also going to need some extra hardware to hold it all together. That will be included in the new kit. And it's already in the last few kits (with the old plans) that I have in stock.

If you don't plan to make a bowl horse, then you can keep the extra hardware and glue the Center Block in place. But I find the base of this horse makes a great platform to mount all sorts of things. So maybe it's best to follow the new plans and keep your options open.

What about the Bowl Horse Plans?

I'm working on those now... So just hold your horses!

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