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MWA Podcast - 5 Questions with Craig Becker of Silent Mill

Last week I had my debut as "Special Guest Host" on the MWA Podcast. We had the honor of getting to know Craig Becker of Silent Mill as we discussed his woodworking journey. Like many of us, he began with a desire to build furniture that would outlast the poor quality products available in stores.

Unlike many of us (well, at least me), he was smart enough to spend a little extra time and money early in his career to get some formal instruction. In his case as a part of the continuing eduction program at the North Bennett Street School. This led to a chair making class with Peter Galbert. Craig shared his unique approach to learning in project-based classes. He places a greater emphasis on the understanding of concepts and mastery of technique, rather than the outcome of the piece.

Some more highlights from last week's show:

- A beautiful new workbench complete with HNT Gordon Vise Hardware

- His newly acquired bench space and the camaraderie of working with shop mates

- A nearly complete Dutch Tool Chest

- His approach to the clean, understated designs he's been focusing on

- A product he's helped develop called "DermaStack" that will have wood turners excited

- How many Shave Horses do you have to build before you can stop

- A few tool reviews

In this week's episode, Craig tackles the five questions. And I experience my first "FAIL" as a host. Did you know they divide the questions up and assign each of them to different hosts?

I didn't.

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