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Jason Thigpen on the MWA Podcast

Only two episodes into my career as a podcast co-host and I'm already shirking my duties.

But I have a good excuse. Sean and Kyle already had this interview with Jason Thigpen of Texas Heritage on the calendar when I agreed to come aboard. The only problem was that I already had plans that day to be off the grid, in the middle of the woods.

So I missed the interview and I was pretty disappointed. I've known Jason for several years. He and his wife, Sarah, are the driving force behind a small business with big plans.

In this episode, Jason retells the story of how making a well thought-out shop apron for himself led down the path to owning his own business. One that allowed him to leave his job as diesel mechanic. A path that led him back to the Menard, Texas ranch his wife's family has lived on for 5 generations. Where Jason and Sarah are making a big bet on the future of their family, their business and a small Texas town.

Won't you please follow this link and spend a little time with Kyle and Sean as they got to know Jason a little better.

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