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Jeff Hamilton joins us on the MWA Podcast

Jeff Hamilton is an excellent story teller. Join us for this week's MWA Podcast as we hear the history of Hamilton Toolworks as only Jeff can tell it. He takes us from founding a business based on an offhand remark made by Marc Adams, through overcoming the obstacles of sourcing custom components for a small business.

As he discusses the evolution of his marking gauges, we learn how helpful it can be when another tool maker takes time to offer some advice. And how important it is to have a learning attitude when the advice comes in the form of criticism.

And, if you listen closely, you'll learn the secret to achieving the beautiful finish he gets on his gauges.

Full Disclosure: I sell some of Jeff's tools on my site. I do this because they are excellent tools, and I love to use them. Jeff did not compensate us in any way to appear on the podcast. He also was not paid in any way.

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