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Galbert Shavehorse Adjuster - 1/4" Pivot Pin

Galbert Shavehorse Adjuster - 1/4" Pivot Pin


Maybe you'd like to build a second Plate 11 Pin-head, or maybe you want to build a Galbert Shavehorse, but you want some finer adjustment. Either way this durable, easy to install hardware will provide years of worry free height adjustments.


- Originally designed by Peter Galbert for use with the shavehorse plans in his book "Chairmaker's Notebook," it has been customized to provide finer adjustments over a longer range of motion

- Cut by precision water jet in the USA from 1" thick 6061-T6 aluminum

- Can be quickly and easily be retrofitted into existing shavehorses

- Designed to be used with 1/4" cross pin

- Includes

     - 1 Adjuster

     - 4 #10 x 2" Spax Wood Screws

Expected to ship late May 2024
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