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What Comes In the Kit?


This isn't really about the kit. It's about building skills. And a kick-ass workbench. But here's what you get for your money.


The two 4" thick halves of the top will come nearly ready to use. The edges will be squared to the face and they will be trimmed to an 84" length. You can specify a different length if you like. The Dog Holes will be drilled and you can choose between 3/4" and 1" Diameter. The cavity for the Benchcrafted M Tail Vise will be pre-cut, but will require some minor fitting.

Every kit will come with the Condor Tail End Cap completed and fully installed on the top. The standard material is Maple. If you decide to upgrade your accent woods, the End Cap will be made of either Cherry or Walnut.


The Legs will be cut to the proper length for the bench height you specify. All the necessary mortises will be cut, holes will be drilled and vise cavities prepared. The mortises will be cut with a router so their corners may need to be squared up.


The Short Rails that connect each front leg to its rear partner will be cut to dimension and the tenons will be cut to rough dimensions. These rails are meant to be provide an introduction to adjusting the final fit of a mortise and tenon joint.

The Long Rails will be cut to length, but you will need to true up all the faces before you lay out and cut the tenons. My intention is that you do this work by hand. You'll use the skills you learned in fitting the short rails and add to that some hand sawing and chisel or shoulder plane work.


The chop will arrive rough shaped with the vise prep complete. All you'll need to do is smooth some edges, glue on the Crubber and complete the final hardware installation.


Every kit will contain a complete set of Benchcrafted M Series Hardware. This includes the Tail Vise, Glide and the standard Criss-Cross Solo. 90% of the prep work for these vises will already be done, so the installation should be pretty low stress. I'll also be including a set of Barrel Nuts and Bolts to tie the base together.

Take a look at the video below and if you have any more questions please post them in the comments.

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