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Following my Bliss(ters)

Ever heard of Joseph Campbell? Me neither.

But I bet you've heard his words. And I bet you were either inspired or annoyed by them.

Joseph Campbell said "Follow your bliss."

This concept is both appealing and ridiculous at the same time. Who doesn't want to spend their days doing whatever brings them bliss? I could eat cheese danish at every meal. But what little I know about the human brain tells me that bliss doesn't last. That last bite of danish never tastes as good as the first.

Later, Campbell would revise this bit of advice. What he should have said was...

"Follow your blisters."

That makes a little more sense.

You know that idea? The one that keeps you up at night. Or the project that you set aside, because it's too hard, only to pick it back up again. You can't let it go.

Because it's a good idea.

Because it's interesting.

Because it's a puzzle you can't quite solve.

And it will drive you crazy until you do something with it.

For a few years I've had one of those ideas. I've spent countless hours thinking about it. I've filled pages of notebooks. I've covered walls with sticky notes.

It's not just an idea anymore. Now it's a thing. It exists.

Sort of.

It's still mostly and idea. It still needs a lot of work. But I've committed. I've made the first shipment.

More to come.

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