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Visit The Texas Woodworking Festival

It's a strange thing for me to say, but I've missed woodworking shows. Mostly because...

I get exhausted.

I'm an introvert. I come home from a show completely drained. But there is another effect.

I get inspired.

There are conversations with old friends. There are chance interactions. There is entirely too much good food and beer... and not enough sleep.

And I love it all.

If you love it too, then you should come to the Texas Woodworking Festival in Austin on September 4th and say hello.

I'll be flying in, so I won't have anything to sell. But, if you're interested in my Workbench Class (at Home), I'll be shipping some materials ahead to give you an idea of what the kit for the class looks like when it arrives.

All proceeds for the show go towards the Austin School of Furniture. It's a fine school and it's founder, Austin Waldo, is working hard to return to in person classes.

The suggested donation for admission is $30. You can buy tickets here.

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