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Select Your Draw Bore Pins Carefully

I throw away A LOT of stock when I'm selecting draw bore pins for my workbenches. It's a calculation that pits the time I would spend driving to and picking through the stock at the home center against the cost of buying dowels in bulk and accepting material waste as a part of the process.

No matter how you do the math, reading the grain and carefully choosing the stock that gets driven into the joint should always be a part of your process.

Here's a look at how I evaluate potential pins and either accept or reject them for a build. Sadly, the failure rate is about 50%.

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01 abr 2021

Where do you purchase your draw bore pin stock? Thanks in advance

Me gusta
01 abr 2021
Contestando a

Midwest Dowel is where I buy all my dowel stock. They also operate under the name of Atlas Dowel. Like I said... if straight grain is important to your project, be prepared to throw a lot of them away.

Me gusta
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