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Registration for the Winter 2021 Workbench Class (at Home) Opens This Saturday

This Saturday, Nov. 21st at 10am CST you'll be able to enroll in the pilot for my Workbench Class (at Home). This class will be limited to just 6 students and is scheduled to begin in Mid-February.

The class will cost $3995 and includes the following:

- All Maple Workbench Kit with Condor Tail End Cap (upgrades available)

- Benchcrafted Glide M and Tail Vise (Planing Stop Hardware Available)

- Weekly releases of pre-recorded instruction

- Weekly group meetings via live video conference (we will try several systems to see which is preferrred)

- Weekly "Office Hours" for one-on-one instruction (as needed)

- Access to private discord chat room

Interested? Visit this page and watch the videos. Review the Tool List and Proposed Schedule. These are prerequisites for registration. I won't take your deposit for the class until you've looked them over.

There are a lot of moving parts to make this thing happen, so the refund policy is pretty strict. I will call you after you have reserved your spot. I'll confirm that you've done your homework and that you have the necessary tools. I'll have an estimate for the cost of freight, which is not included in the cost of the class. We'll also figure out all the personal details of your bench... what height you need, any accent materials you want, accessories, etc. Then I'll send an invoice for the $1000 deposit. You'll have 24 hours to pay the invoice. After that I'll have to assume you've changed your mind and offer your spot to the next person on the list.

When I start building the kits, each student will be billed for the balance. Up until this point your deposit is refundable, less a $100 cancellation fee. Once you pay the balance, your bench kit is considered under construction and there will be no refunds. You will still receive the kit as well as access to all the online learning. You will be able to complete the bench at your own pace.

I haven't announced this on Instagram, and I won't until registration is open. As loyal readers of the Blog you get a little head start. If the class happens to fill up right away, please add your name to the waiting list. If spots open up I'll be working my way down the list to fill them. See you Saturday!

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