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Get Them (In the US) While You Can...

A few years back, Christopher Schwarz Introduced North American woodworkers to the "The Most Tenacious Nails Ever". These reproduction Roman nails come from Clouterie Rivierre, a 125 year old French company based in Creil.

At the time, these nails were initially only available from a couple suppliers in Europe. But I had some projects coming up that called for these nails. So after hemming and hawing over what sizes and finishes I should buy, and experimenting with shipping cost break points, I decided on a large assortment nails that I'm still using today. Before my order had even arrived, Lie-Nielsen announced that they would be importing and selling these nails from their Warren, Maine headquarters. I was a little disappointed to realize I had spent some unnecessary cash on shipping, but I was pleased to know I could replenish my stock a little less expensively in the future.

Earlier this week I mentioned the nails in a blog post. While looking up the link to the nails on the Lie-Nielsen site, I discovered they only had one size and finish in stock. Before I sent readers on a merry goose chase, I inquired about the cause. Their reply informed me that this was not a Pandemic related shortage, but a permanent change.

XL Hammerhead Nails from Lie-Nielsen

So if you're looking for Blue, XL Hammerhead nails in 40mm length, you can still order them here while they last.

If Lie-Nielsen sells out, or you need a different style, finish or size, you can still get these Plank Nails and Door Nails from Dictum in Germany. The shipping will cost you a little more, but they're worth it. Once you decide what you want, I recommend adding and removing quantities to your cart until you find the shipping break point. When I made my order I was able to get a couple extra bags of nails without any additional shipping cost. The German terminology can be a little confusing, so you might want to review this Lost Art Press "Guide to Dictum's 'Roman' Nails" first.


Leslie Webb of Heartwood Tools kindly pointed out that you can buy these nails from Lee Valley Tools. They even offer a 140 piece assortment in a handy divider case. Thanks for the head's up Leslie!

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