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Don't Try To Be Perfect, Just Try To Be Better.

We're working really hard to teach this to our seven year old right now, but it's a lesson I'm still struggling with myself.

I've been challenged to learn a lot of new things lately. And I have been struggling with some of these skills, like videography, editing and writing, in a very public setting. I suppose I knew how to do all these things on a basic level already. Kind of like how I knew which end of a chisel to hit with the mallet when I began using hand tools. But, because I wasn't great at any if these "new" skills, I worried about how my work would be received when I put it out into the world.

At some point I had to accept the fact that, in the beginning, I just wasn't going to be good at any of it. That being bad at it was a necessary step towards being good. And if I set a goal of simply getting better, then someday I would actually be better.

So whatever you're working on right now, if it's something new, cut yourself some slack. Be prepared to to do poorly and commit to doing it better the next time.

You'll get there.

Then you'll find something new to learn.

And start all over again.

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