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Brand New Workbench Seeking A Good Home

Updated: May 11, 2021

UPDATE: This workbench has sold - I don't usually build workbenches on spec, but I needed to build one for my Workbench Class (at Home) that I could use for filming and keep on hand indefinitely (or until the end of class). Customers don't really like "indefinitely" for a time line, so I decided to build a bench along with my students and sell it when class was over.

Class ends next week.

All this bench lacks is a good "Make Pretty" session and a badge. Then I'll be able to crate it up for shipment.

Here are the particulars:

  • 83-1/2" Long x 22-1/2" Deep (plus the leg vise, which isa about 6") x 34" High (this can be cut down to 33" if necessary)

  • Main construction is Silver Maple

  • Walnut Leg Vise Chop with Benchcrafted Glide M and Crisscross

  • Walnut End Cap with Condor Tails and Benchcrafted M Wagon Vise

  • Walnut Gap-Stop

  • Curly Maple Sliding Deadman

  • Maple Ship-Lap Shelf

The price is $6100 plus freight.

Click here to contact me with your name, phone number, city and zip code and I can get you a quote. Freight to the lower 48 states usually ranges between $400 and $600, but there are outliers.

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