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Galbert Shavehorse Adjuster - 1/2" Pivot Pin

Galbert Shavehorse Adjuster - 1/2" Pivot Pin


Whether you want to replace the wooden teeth in your Galbert Shavehorse or you're about to build one, use this durable, easy to install hardware to provide years of worry free height adjustments.


- Originally designed by Peter Galbert for use with the shavehorse plans in his book "Chairmaker's Notebook"

- Cut by precision water jet in the USA from 1" thick 6061-T6 aluminum

- Can be quickly and easily be retrofitted into existing shavehorses

- Designed to be used with 1/2" cross pin

- Includes

     - 1 Adjuster

     - 4 #10 x 2" Spax Wood Screws

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